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Truck and Bus Wheel Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Test Machine

Machine Type: CFT-5
Machine application: Used for Truck and Bus Wheel
Dynamic Cornering  Fatigue Test Test 

Technical parameters:
Structure: Wheel is fixed, loading rotates.
Wheel diameter: 16″~24.5″
Wheel width: 5.5″~15″
Rotation speed: 500 ~ 1500rpm
Speed drive mode: AC variable frequency closed-loop
Bending moment: Max.50kN.m, accuracy: ±2%P.S.
Loading method: loadind control in closed-loop
Measuring accuracy of loading point offset: 0.25 mm
Automatic alarm protection device
Motor power: 5.5 k W AC
Dimensions: Approx.L1700mm×W1350mm×H1600mm
Total weight: Approx.4t


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